Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Hard Lock Down Drill

I got a voice mail last night that my phone couldn't download. Finally checked it today, to hear that my son would be experiencing his first "Hard Lock Down Drill" along with 3200 or so classmates and I don't even know how many teachers and staff. At his school. That's 30 minutes of their school day occupied with what to do in the case of an "event", which goddamnit, we all know is about SCHOOL SHOOTINGS. I'm all for safety and teaching them what to do but the fact that this has become commonplace enough that the schools now have to have a PROCESS and devote instructional time to acting this out is absolutely ludicrous.

I was about to write, "What world is this?" when clearly, I need to write, "WHAT COUNTRY IS THIS?" And honestly, how do I get us all out of here?

I was pregnant with my son when 9/11 happened, his sister almost 2. I knew then that my baby would turn 18 in a world at war. I never thought that war would include madmen attacking schools and churches.