Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First lesson

He flat out asked me if I was taking the audition and I couldn't lie. We spent the whole time working on the Mozart and Bolero. I am nervous now where before I was not, but I hope it will be a good thing. I had become used to hearing my Fs and my Es flat. I'm not in tune with myself. *scream* I've been practicing in a vacuum and it seems that all it does is gear me up to be out of tune and still nervous for the audition. An hour or two a day is not enough practice. I have to do more. It's going well, but for the Mozart to still be shaky after having it around for so many years is not good. For me to be freaking out right now is not good either. I am a great musician. I just need to let it out and remember to have fun with it.

New fingering for Bolero should help, but it will take a good chunk of time to get used to it. I feel a little guilty that I am considering leaving the kids at Kidco again today so that I can practice, but that is why we signed them up for it. They're bored but safe, and I should accept it and do what I need to do. Really don't have any desire to go to playgroup today. Want to stay home and practice and practice and practice until it's all rock solid and indestructible.

Don't get distracted by the contra. It is secondary. They will write you off before you even get to it if you screw up on the Mozart.

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