Monday, August 27, 2007


Now You Know that when I park my bassoon in our front living room where the swamp cooler is, it swells so much that I have to grease the corks to get it put back together.

Now You Also Know that when I park my bassoon in the back room, where there is a window AC unit, I have to keep a humidifier in the case to keep the corks on the bocals from drying out and separating.

Now You Further Know that I am prepping for a 3rd bassoon/contra audition in two weeks. This is part of why I have been practicing so hard and have been flighty and a bit off the radar. Talking about it makes me nervous so please, don't bring it up. Those of you in town may be coerced into listening to my audition so I can have some practice with an audience.

Now Everyone Knows that I posted this little bomb on livejournal and got no response. Not that I write this stuff solely for a response, but I'm thinking most of my friendslist is probably skipping over any post with the bassoon guy on it and didn't even notice. Or, it hasn't been read yet because I posted it over the weekend. Meh. Pay attention to meeeeeeee! ;)


Kent said...

That really is one nerdy looking bassoon guy.

CB said...

Love that guy. I got it from my host family when we were in Germany. They moved a couple of years later and I lost track of them but they were incredibly nice guys. Weirdest postcards I have ever seen came from them.