Thursday, August 30, 2007

Shock and awe

Cut the tips on my brand new contra reeds that I made over the weekend and they worked!! They're a little wonky in the pitch, but so much better than what I expected that I still feel like strutting. Go, me. :)

Former declaration of loyalty to the 8 year old reed is hereby rescinded. Albion reed for muchos smackeroos turned out to be much nicer than the old one once I cut the tip. Old reed on recording sounds like one big raspberry. New Albion actually has tone.

Bought Susan Nigro's Bass Nightingale off of iTunes. She is incredible. Contra playing like I've never heard. Average person could go to her concert and not spend the whole time snickering about a big flappy farty instrument blurting around on the stage. Disappointed to see that there are no liner notes attached.


Kent said...

"one big raspberry"

Well, there's another adjective to add to my list of answers when someone asks: "What does a contrabasoon sound like?"

CB said...

Glad to be of service. Though honestly, that's what a bad contrabassoon sounds like. Susan Nigro just sounds like an extremely low and lyrical bassoon.