Saturday, September 08, 2007

It is done.

It wasn't the best presentation of myself, but at least it's done. I was extremely nervous, as I always seem to be, and had more technique issues than I should have had but I wasn't horrible. It just wasn't my best playing. She recognized my extreme nervousness and tried to get me to breathe and calm down a bit, but I think I might have been beyond help.

My competitors report about the same result but at least one of them is known to be far too critical of her own playing so I have no idea where I stand. We are supposed to receive an email with the result and to keep me from compulsively checking my email, my husband is going to forward my email to his phone. *smirk*

If I was beaten out for the sub spot, it gives me a bit more time to turn in an incredible audition next year for the then open position. I just wish I had been beaten (IF I was!) because someone else played better than my absolute best, and not because my nerves got the better of me.

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