Saturday, September 08, 2007

T minus 12+ hours

I played for masterclass today on both Contrabassoon and Bassoon. Much to my chagrin, the contra excerpts did not go well. I've since changed reeds and revisited everything at a much slower tempo and worked it back up. I hope not to repeat today's mistakes. Just about every piece was disappointing. I pray it was a fluke, or simply that reed begging to be euthanized! I want this so badly, I would hate to lose the audition because I played poorly.

The bassoon excerpts, however, went quite well. I played the stuff from Bartok, Bolero, and Til Eulenspiegel. Bartok was great, Bolero ok with a flub or two, and Til Eulenspiegel was surprisingly good! The last one was the only one chosen by my professor and I think I nailed it just to spite him - he knew it was troubling me. Right he was to ask for it as I would not have chosen it myself and there's no point to the exercise if I'm not going to challenge myself. I think I even caught him grinning. The rest of the studio hadn't yet heard me play anything and I hope I surprised them a bit after the horrible contra performance.

Audition is at 2pm. Think calming, steady, big-breath, lyrical, lovely thoughts for me today. :)

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