Saturday, January 09, 2016

Random Mirth, or Cart vs. Giant Red Pillar Thingy

My family and I have a couple of plans with regards to the new year. Activities to help us cherish the passing days and reflect on them at the close of the year. One of these plans is the Jar of Happiness. The idea is to put a happy memory in for each day of the year and then read back over them around New Year's Eve. With five people in a house, that's just lunacy! So we've agreed to do them as they come, and I'm considering broadening "happy memories" into anything you might want to remember later, happy or sad. The problem is, we haven't made the jar yet.

So here is my thought, recorded on my blog until I can gather up the needed objects to make this project an actual, tangible thing.

My mother and I went grocery shopping today to our favorite big box store. It was busy, and after losing each other once or twice but still gathering most of our needed goodies, Nellie cautioned me to watch where I was going with the cart. I was coming dangerously close to one of those giant, red, hollow, plastic pillars that protect the freezer cases from customer assault, you see. So I did what any responsible adult in charge of a rolling killing machine might do: I hit it straight on, and laughed like a goon. Nellie gasped, "Cassandra!", and I laughed all the louder. Another giant red thingy approached aaaand, another strike with the cart followed by belly laughs and guffaws on my part, and head-shaking with an increased walking pace on her part. "Boom (more like smack)", went the cart again followed by my own mad giggles, Nellie's playful scoff, and another fellow customer smiling and accusing me of having "too much fun".

Absolutely worth the trip and the standing in line after.

Please note: No carts or red pillar thingies were harmed in the making of this shenanigans, and no other customers were inconvenienced or made to turn down the wrong aisle to avoid impending danger.